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Specialised Solutions

Our priority

Every person is unique.

Our goal is to support our clients, both individual and institutional investors, with a high-standard financial service that will enable them to meet their financial challenges thanks to an innovate approach to the current range of investment services and personalized solutions for their individual needs. 

At Creand, we understand the importance of innovation in the business sector. This is why we deploy all our creativity, experience, and energy in executing all our projects.

Investment advice

We help our clients to improve their investment strategy with a personalized analysis tailored to their needs.

Our team of financial experts will advise you and offer personalized investment recommendations according to your investment objectives, preferences, and risk profile.

  • We jointly define an investment strategy to achieve short-term goals without jeopardizing medium and long-term objectives.
  • We help you achieve your objectives: regular income, accumulation for retirement, selling a company or property, or long-term investment and savings for future generations.

Discretionary management

Our team can make investment decisions for you, always following the best investment strategy.

If you wish, you can delegate your investment decisions to a professional with extensive experience in this area. Our team of investment specialists will conduct a detailed analysis of your financial position and objectives to establish a personalized investment strategy. With this service, you will be able to have much more free time and enjoy the best results.