Personalized advice

We go the extra mile to help you to manage, protect, and grow your wealth.

Personalized Advice

What sets us apart?

We are specialists in offering independent, discretionary, specialized, and flexible wealth advice and management, all with a personalized service.
We offer a differential service with discretionary advice and management with an international perspective thanks to being part of the Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group. We are able to provide specialized financial services without sacrificing our personalized attention or our flexibility.
We focus on expected long-term return, without losing sight of asset quality, through the principle of value investing.
We structure our clients’ portfolios with objectives ranging from capital preservation to capital growth and appreciation. We are committed to an open architecture, backed by exclusive dedication, independent criteria, experience, and the utmost rigor, combining quantitative and qualitative aspects in the securities selection process.

Our capabilities

We focus on the aspects that make us stand out and allow us to expand our capabilities:
Comprehensive services aimed at a select group of clients through our financial solutions and services.

We offer services tailored to the objectives and needs of each of our clients.

We have experts on local and international financial markets who help us to identify opportunities and risks in the management of portfolios.
Globality and multi-booking
Our platform allows us to address your needs in different international markets and take custody of your investments in different institutions.
The advantage of being an independent adviser is that we work on finding the best alternatives for our clients, strictly looking after their interests and without any third-party commitments.
International vision
As we operate in a global environment that is closely tied to the financial markets, the advantage of belonging to an international group is having an analysis and strategy that allow us to anticipate and create consistent opportunities for portfolios according to each investor profile.

Our advisory model

A model based not only on what we do, but on how we do it
We design tailored investment solutions, seeking maximum short-term stability and maximum long-term return.
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We prioritize the preservation and protection of wealth

At Creand Wealth Management, we follow a model based on investing in profitable and sustainable companies, on the pursuit of short-term stability and long-term return, and on a clear preference for giving up gains before risking losses.
We protect our clients’ wealth by identifying their needs from a comprehensive standpoint.

Multidisciplinary service

This comprehensive approach to wealth is made possible by the fact that the financial adviser serves as the point of contact with the client. The adviser is surrounded by a team of specialists, enabling them to provide a multi-disciplinary service to the client.
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We apply a philosophy to the management of investments to make them flexible in the face of complex and changing market environments. The aim is to offer tailored management according to your preferences regarding risk and management style, through the most suitable vehicles.

Comprehensive approach to wealth

We have a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ wealth, in all its aspects. Therefore, we look for partnerships that allow us to consider aspects such as business, real estate, financial assets and liabilities, among others.
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Advisers and managers - key principles

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Global and objective
We have an open architecture perspective that allows us to offer the best global solutions, whether they are our own or from third parties.
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Specialist and specialized

Our team of financial experts have the know-how needed to define and execute the most profitable financial strategies.
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Strategic collaboration agreements
We maintain collaboration agreements with our strategic partners to improve our services.
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The international presence afforded by the Crèdit Andorrà Group means we have more diverse investment alternatives and expert teams in multiple jurisdictions,so we can offer a bourtique service from all of our International subsidiaries

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Personalized service
We offer a fully personalized service tailored to the needs of every client. Our advisers look after a small number of clients to ensure the optimum quality of service.
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Return and protection
We understand the needs and concerns of our clients and we balance return with the risks. We seek short-term stability and long-term return.

Philosophy and investment method

We manage our clients' wealth based on the identification of their needs.


Our priorities are as follows:

Preservation of capital

We seek attractive returns at all stages of the cycle with exhaustive risk controls.


Seeking return in the medium and long term without forgetting about the short term.


Rigorous analysis of profitable and sustainable opportunities over time.